At C Bekker & Associates we realise that litigation is often an expensive exercise for both individuals and companies. Our litigation department considers the merits of each matter before commencing the legal process. We inform our clients of the risks involved in a matter as well as the stronger arguments in the case so that the client can make an informed business decision in proceeding with the action.

On each matter a pre-determined strategy is followed and by giving each file individual attention we can anticipate and prepare for the curveballs delivered by the opponent. By doing a thorough job on each matter we ensure that no legal fees are wasted.

  • By working in teams we harness the best qualities of each attorney involved in a matter;
  • Our attorneys are knowledgeable about a variety of legal fields and each attorney is also a competent researcher and can apply the correct law to matters;
  • We investigate all the possibilities of settlement and advise our clients of all settlement possibilities;
  • Where necessary highly skilled advocates and competent correspondents and consultants are used;
  • Regular reports ensure that the client is always informed as to the status of a matter;
  • Our library and access to electronic resources are regularly updated to ensure that we stay up to date with the most recent legal developments;
  • Our messenger has more than 20 years’ experience in serving court documents, dealing with court staff and administrative procedures and driving around on Gauteng roads – this ensures that all documents are delivered on time, every time.

Our Litigation department mainly deals with the following types of matters, but we are equipped to assist in all aspects of general civil litigation:

  • Corporate and commercial disputes;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Collection of rental and evictions;
  • Arbitration;
  • Labour disputes;
  • Estate disputes;
  • General civil dispute  resolution;
  • Family law;
  • Debt collection.

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